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Block Rush: A Block Smash Free VR Game to Play in your Oculus Browser

What is Block Rush?

I'll keep this post short and sweet. What is Block Rush? Well Block Rush VR just made that part of the name up) is a free proof of concept made in A-Frame. We'd been writing about how Unity and A-frame compare, and wanted to really drive out point home. Block Rush was the product of that point driving.

Unity Vs. A-Frame

We got to work. First we'll just understand how to make shapes, then we'll make them move, and before we knew it, we had moving shapes! It's funny how that works sometimes - you set out to accomplish a goal, and you actually do it. We then worked to make the shapes not only move, but move toward the player. Again, nothing too crazy, but then things got spicy.

What if these shapes auto-generated? And what if they had different attributes. Obviously we took this one at a time, but really this was where it started taking shape. You see, you never want to say your creations were and accident, at least if you're a parent, but in this case, Block Rush Virtual Reality was an absolute accident. The blocks auto-generating, and having different colors/speeds as time wore on, because a real mechanich - an a fun one at that. As we saw this, we thought "I want to punch these shapes". What better way to make a game than to appeal to the lizard brain all people have deep inside themselves.

The Gameplay and the Future of Block Rush

So what did we end up with? Well we got exactly what you'd expect, Beat Saber Lite. It's a free Beatsaber VR clone that has 1% of the polish/functionality/ambiance, yet still somehow has like 20% of the replayability.

So what are our plans moving forward? Well, we've gotten good feedback, LOTS of good feedback. Reddit seemed to love this idea, our friends loved the game, and so we thought, hmmmmmm. We're still more or less in the hmmmm phase, but we have some interesting things cooking up in the gamechef kitchen (see what I did there?). If you want to follow along, follow us on Twitter and keep checking the site for new content! Thanks for reading this blurb.