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Starting a VR Game Studio: Chef Studios

You're Doing What?

So potentially the longest con of all long cons, we are starting a game studio, and I'm not happy about it. That's not entirely true, I'm really excited, but if you had told me a year ago we'd be doing this I would have told you I lost one of the longest battles I've ever fought (past tense now because I evidently lost it).

So this story starts many years ago with two brothers. One, me, a bit younger, a bit more of a generalist, and another, a guy who started making viruses and games in middle school. Now thankfully the virus thing was just a phase, but games stuck around. Over 10 years, many prototypes say the light of day only to be abandoned. These orphan games met the same fate as most games, they just stopped being fun to work on once they needed to be "polished".

Well, after years of this, it finally came time for us to start building things, and games naturally came up, but thankfully were easy to brush off. As idea after idea failed or got boring, we veared closer and closer to games, with, this site, being a sort of happy medium, where there is still a market other than people we want to play just one game, and an opportunity to give back to the community. We spent months building it, even hosting weird live events, ending up at the top of a few subreddits on multiple occasions, and growing our discord to a respectable 12 people. This was all dandy, with growth looking promising, when tragedy struck.

An Opportunity

Ok, I'm being dramatic. We've made some connections through our time being in the Silicon Valley. One, an important one, maybe the most important one, is my brother's mentor and good friend. He's 5-10 years ahead of us in the start-up game, and he's not only a wealth of information, but ideas. After seeing what we're doing, including getting games onto the site, it occured to him that maybe we're the guys to make his game studio idea a reality. Having a ton of exposure to the space, and being pretty much down for anything exciting, my brother entertained this idea. I fought back, saying we were finally getting some runway, but after hearing the pitch, it was too good to pass up.

So here we are, me in this chair writing this blog post, you reading this, curious why I'm writing this and if there is a thesis to this essay. Well to answer your first question, it's because I'm a great writer, and to answer your second, no, there's no thesis.

What is Chef Studios

So we started a game studio. We've made games, but more importantly, we've made stuff, lots of stuff, and our expertise is both broad enough and deep enough that it makes sense that we give this whole thing a real college try. We like Game Chef, but Chef is shorter, sexier, and...okay it's shorter and it's really the core noun in Game Chef.

What's more, we already have a few game ideas under our belt. The game formerly known as Block Rush (RIP Prince) is fun, really fun. It's obviously very similar to a certain other game on the VR scene, but we found a few twists we're really excited to execute on, and we have the team and resources to do it.

If you want to follow along, check out the website for Chef Studios. We've got a lot in the works, and even more planned, so you won't want to miss this.

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