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How to Upload a game to Gamechef

Game Format

Before we get started with this quick guide, it's important to make sure you're uploading in the correct format.

GameChef supports WebGL games and experiences, meaning you'll need to make sure you're game or experience is built using WebGL so it's HTML5 compatible.

Now that we've got out of the way, let's get started.

Your Build

If you built the game/experience using WebGL, your directory should contain an index.html file, and then some files containing the assets your game.

Troubleshooting how to build your content in WebGL is out of the scope of this tutorial however your game engine should have a build setting that works off of WebGL.

So once you've built your content, you should see a folder like this.

WebGL Build directory

What you'll do next is important, as we only accept zip files (easier to process and keep packaged). You want to highlight all of your files and zip them into one folder.

zipping WebGL Build for Gamechef upload

Setting Up For Upload

Okay, great, you're literally almost done! Navigate to the "Develop" page and click "Create a New Game".

adding a thumbnail and title

Type in the title of your game, and decide on a thumbnail image. We will pretty much make anything you upload work, so if you want to ensure it looks how you want it to, upload an image that's as close to 1:1 aspect ratio as you can.

Of course the aspect ratio of your game is important as well. 16:9 is the default widescreen, but if your game is designed for a mobile phone or to be played vertically, select 9:16.Once you're done, you can hit save, and we'll take you back to your development home. Now you'll want to "Create a Release".


creating a release on

Remember that zipped up game we made above, well this is where you'll upload that.

adding zipped game build to gamechef

Once you've selected your zip file, hit "Publish", and wait. Once your game is done uploading, we'll take you to your game's development page.

Activating Your Release

Scroll down on the developer page and you'll see your release (as well as a button to upload a new release). Hover over the text reading "inactive", and you will be presented with the option to "activate" your game. Click that button and your game is now live!

activate game on

We'll review and tag your game as appropriate. You can always navigate directly to your game's page by clicking on the thumbnail in your game or experience's development page.

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